Crest Braces Care Threader Floss, 30ct

Items per case:

Braces wearers have special oral care needs making them more susceptible to odor, stains, and cavities. Maintaining an oral hygiene routine is more important than ever. The oral care experts at Crest have brought you a line of products to protect your gums and your smile. Crest Braces Care Theader Floss comes in convenient single-use packets containing one piece of floss with bulit-in threader tip that inserts easily and smoothly under braces and expanders. From the makers of Oral-B. Suitable for all braces wearers ages 6+.

  • Combined Floss and Built-In Threader Tip, ideal for braces, expanders, and wide spaces
  • Stiffened End to floss under appliances
  • Smooth, strong, and shred-resistant floss in convenient single-use packets for convenient on-the-go use
  • Effectively removes tough plaque between teeth and just below the gum line