Oral-B Vivid Whitening Manual Toothbrush 35 Soft

Items per case:

Polish your way to a whiter smile every morning with the Oral-B Vivid Whitening Manual Toothbrush. Uniquely designed with polishing cups that surround each tooth to clean deep, the Vivid Whitening toothbrush works with toothpaste to whiten by polishing away surface stains and removing plaque.

-Removes surface stains

-Polishing Cups: Center bristles hold toothpaste to polish away surface stains for a naturally whiter smile

-PowerTip Bristles: Extra long bristles to help clean hard to reach places

-Indicator Bristles: Blue Indicator Bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush

-Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide


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