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OB Kids 3+yr Manual Solution

Oral-B® Kids 3+yr Manual Solution with Disney Princess® & Disney/Pixar Toy Story® brush, soft
Items per case:

Introduces oral care to young ones in a playful way and addresses their individual dexterity, development and dentition needs:

About these products:
• Oral-B Kids 3+ toothbrush is assorted in Disney Princess Disney•Pixar Toy Story character graphics. It provides a tapered brush head and power tip bristles for first permanent teeth and a bigger, squeezable handle for a good grip
• Kids Crest Cavity protection toothpaste has full filled sparkles and provides cavity protection
• Oral-B® Glide™ PRO-HEALTH™Original floss glides smoothly in tight spaces (for ages 4+ years)

Detail box
• Oral-B® 3+ toothbrush assorted in Disney Princess and Pixar Toy Story character graphics.
•Kids Crest® Cavity Protection toothpaste (.85oz)
• Oral-B® Glide™ PRO-HEALTH™ Original Floss (4M) (for age 4+ years)