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CR ProHealth [HD] 2Step Sensitive paste system

Crest® PRO-HEALTH™ [HD]™ Sensitive + Whitening paste 2-Step
Items per case:
Crest PRO HEALTH [HD] delivers gum benefits comparable to chlorhexidine*, with the advantage of noticeable whitening‡. It’s a daily 2 step toothpaste and gel system that provides an exhilarating clean for patients of all types and rapid gum health improvement* for patients with gingivitis.  Superior Sensitivity Relief to Sensodyne Extra Whitening at 2 weeks. Step 1 delivers the optimized power of stannous fluoride, uniquely formulated to help inhibit the growth of plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis. Step 2 provides additional whitening power to remove surface stains with the help of hydrogen peroxide. *Via Step 1 Stannous Fluoride antibacterial toothpaste ‡ At 3 weeks of treatment
About this Product:
-Crest’s biggest breakthrough in toothpaste since fluoride
-6X health improvement† & 6X whitening** in 1 week (†gingivitis improvement vs. ordinary toothpaste, **improvement vs. ordinary toothpaste)
-Feel the difference from first use with the daily 2-step system
-Transform your patients’ ordinary brushing routine into an extraordinary experience