CR BracesCare CavityDefense Paste 4.1oz

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Your patients who wear orthodontic appliances are more susceptible to odor, stains, and cavities. Maintaining proper oral hygiene throughout their treatment is more important than ever. The oral care experts at Crest® have brought you a line of products to help you protect their smile. Keep their whole mouth healthy with Crest® Braces Care toothpaste that has a proven formula to help protect enamel and fight harmful plaque bacteria. Specially formulated to help protect their smile. Also try other products from the Crest® Braces Care lineup. Suitable for all braces wearers ages 6+.

Crest® Braces Care - Protect Their Mouths From What They Cannot See
· Anti-bacterial defense*
· Fights Against: Cavities, Staining, Tartar, Plaque, Gingivitis & Bad Breath
· Fights plaque bacteria that collect on teeth and at the gumline
· Leaves breath minty fresh
*Fights plaque bacteria associated with gingivitis