Fixodent + Scope Denture Adhesive 2.0oz

Items per case:

Fixodent Plus Scope is formulated to help prevent the movement of full and partial dentures. With the minty freshness of Scope and Fixodent’s strong, all-day hold, it’s the 1-2 punch your patients need to wear their dentures with comfort and confidence

About this product:
#1 dentist recommended denture adhesive brand*.* among those who recommend brands of adhesive
*Combines the freshness of Scope with Fixodent's all day hold.
*Control tip applicator applies denture cream where patients want it with less ooze**.**vs. Fixodent Complete Original. When used as directed.
*Its powerful seal helps keep food out from between dentures and gums.
*Great for full and partial dentures.

Returns for Fixodent are not accepted due to temperature control requirements.