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OB Interproximal ER BrushHead Refill, 1pk

Oral-B® Interproximal Clean Brush Head Refill, 1pk

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The Oral-B Interproximal Clean replacement toothbrush head is specially designed for precise cleaning in between teeth and in the areas you need it most, especially around orthodontic appliances or dental work such as bridges. It unique technology oscillates, allowing the bristles to surround each tooth for an amazing, tooth-by-tooth clean. Oral-B is the #1 recommended toothbrush brand by dentists worldwide

About this Product
-Provides precise cleaning around orthodontic appliances and dental work
-Ideal for cleaning around bridges, crowns and implants
-Compatible with the entire lineup of Oral-B electric rechargeable handles, except for Oral-B sonic toothbrushes

**This Oral-B® Refill Head does not fit on the Oral-B® iO™ Toothbrush